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“De Schermer dansers” an dance group from West-Friesland, an area in the North-West of The Netherlands. Established in 1948, with the aim to preserve the traditions and customs of the area, in particular the old dances and music.

“De Schermer dansers” are well known for their lovely rich costumes.

The costumes themselves are typical of the fashion worn around 1850-1875, it is a Sunday dress worn for special occasions.

The gentlemen wear knee breeches with long white socks, black top hat, gold or silver watch with a matching chain as a decoration.

The ladies wear a rich coloured costume. The most impressive aspect is the head dress, jewellery worn in and around a lace cap, and it is all authentic. The lace caps are hand-made, each with a different pattern; they are dated from 1850-1900.

The antique jewellery worn by the members of the group has been passed down in the family from generation to generation.